Professor Mark Mortensen receives prestigious William H. Newman Award at Academy of Management Conference


At the 2004 Academy of Management Conference, Professor Mark Mortensen received the prestigious conference-wide William H. Newman Award for single-authored papers based on a dissertation.

The AOM conference, which was held in New Orleans August 6-11 under the theme "Creating Actionable Knowledge," attracted some 7,000 management scholars from all over the world.

In his dissertation, Professor Mortensen challenged fundamental assumptions in both theory and practice regarding perceptions of team membership by providing the first evidence of the phenomenon of team boundary disagreement. Professor Mortensen found this phenomenon significantly reduced teams' abilities to effectively manage knowledge, foster a shared identity, avoid conflict and, ultimately, perform.

In addition, Professor Mortensen received the Organizational Behavior division's Best Paper Based on a Dissertation Award, and his paper was judged to be in the top 10% of all papers submitted to the conference – thus making it into the Best Paper Proceedings.

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