Prof. Joe Schwarcz on genetically modified food


A recent French study that purports to show a link between the consumption of genetically modified corn and a variety of ailments, including cancer, was just the tasty morsel that critics of genetically modified foods hungered for. For many scientists, however, the study proved to be a source of indigestion.

To be sure, genetically modified organisms are a hot-button issue, especially with the looming prospect of California’s Proposition 37 that would require labelling of foods that have any component derived from genetically modified crops. Emotions are already boiling over, with members of activist groups such as the ridiculously named Genetic Crimes Unit screaming about genetic crimes against humanity as they don bio-hazmat suits to block shipments of Monsanto’s transgenic seeds. They are also fond of displaying a giant “fish-corn,” implying that biotechnology companies are engaged in melding fish genes with corn genes. Absurd.

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