Paul-André Crépeau wins Georges-Émile Lapalme prize for the promotion of the French language


Me Paul-André Crépeau, Emeritus Professor in the Faculty of Law is among the three McGill researchers who have received the Prix du Québec 2008. The Prix du Québec were presented on November 19, 2008, at a ceremony in Quebec City.

The Georges-Émile Lapalme prize went to Professor Crépeau in recognition of his remarkable contribution to the French language through Canadian law. Father of the Quebec Civil Code, a pioneer of jurilinguistics and theoretician of private fundamental law, Me Crépeau is a prominent figure in today’s Quebec society. Through his unstinting work in creating the Quebec Civil Code, he not only gave Quebec society the opportunity to reappropriate its legal system, but also made sure that the language used would reflect Quebec identity.

The Prix du Québec are the highest honours awarded each year by the government of Quebec in recognition of those who have had remarkable careers in the artistic and cultural sphere or have devoted their working lives to the social and scientific advancement of Quebec. Each winner receives a tax-free award of $30,000, a silver medal made by a Quebec artist, a hand-lettered certificate and a lapel pin of the Prix du Québec symbol, a piece of jewellery worn only by Prix du Québec winners.

The Faculty of Law extends its warmest congratulations to Professor Crépeau, a much appreciated colleague and mentor.