Opinion: A Challenge: Let Quebec Suceed


Occasions for defining moments do not arise every day. When they do, we must seize the opportunities they present for improving everyone’s life.
All of us in Quebec — and I mean all of us — have allowed language to become a preoccupation that works to the disadvantage of all of us — and I mean all of us. This has recently taken a turn for the worse with the current minority government adopting a position that, under the guise of protecting the French language, is actively punitive regarding other languages. This diminishes the respect with which Quebec is regarded throughout the world and will have an ongoing negative impact on our future.

... Richard W. Pound (BCom'62) has represented Canada at the Olympic Games, as a member of the International Olympic Committee and as chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency. He is chancellor emeritus of McGill University.

-Article by Richard Pound

Read full article: Montreal Gazette, April 14, 2013