Office of the Dean of Students: Additional call for proposals for the Mary H. Brown Fund


This endowment provides a total of about $20,000 annually for the creation and early support of innovative, on-campus projects that benefit McGill students' physical and psychological well-being, and related initiatives.

Due to a fortuitous availability of funds, additional proposals are now welcome for 2004; the new application deadline is noon, Tuesday, November 30.

For application guidelines select the Mary H. Brown Fund Guidelines at, or call 398-4990 for additional information.

This call is for new projects only.

Recent projects that received funding include:

As part of Envirofest, an annual environmental awareness project, the McGill School of Environment and First Peoples' House (Joint Project) created a Cree Tipi addressing issues of living together in peace.

The Office for Students with Disabilities, Chaplaincy and International Student Services (Joint Project) provides free winter coats, food for needy students, and a reception for international students and their families.

McGill Equity Subcommittee on Queer People offers workshops and support for members of the McGill community to create "Safe Spaces" where people can be open about their sexual orientation and identity.

For their Women in Leadership Project, the Centre for Research and Teaching on Women will provide a week-long intensive workshop on developing leadership skills.

Mental Health Service is offering a Parasuicidal Behaviour Prevention and Treatment program.

The Asclepius Project, a student-led initiative on Whole Person Medicine and Health, will offer public lectures.

Chaplaincy Service provides support and community to students and their families through the McGill Parents Network.