New director of OTT


Richard Bruno joined McGill as Director of the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT), June 1, 2004. Bruno (BSc, McGill; PhD in Physics, McMaster University; MBA, University of Michigan) brings to the job more than three decades of entrepreneurial, management and consulting experience. He has built and sold a half dozen high tech companies in the US and Japan. Several products he has developed and launched are in common use and generate revenues of at least a billion dollars annually. As a chief technology officer and chief executive officer, he is best known for his pioneering work and leadership with companies such as Philips-Sony, PRISM Interactive, Digital Frontiers, and BI Informatics on projects including the compact disc (in several of its formats), multimedia, minitel, video conferencing, jpeg, mpeg, computer games, computer peripherals and security systems. He has taught at the university level and has a solid understanding of the academic environment. At the OTT, Bruno will lead staff in developing relationships with local industry, as well as contracts, licenses and related commercial activity on behalf of McGill researchers.