Neuro Movie Nights: a different take on a night at the movies


A new free movie series, Neuro Movie Nights, starting February 18 provides Montrealers with a unique opportunity to enjoy an alternative cinematic experience and to gain new perspectives on the mysteries and workings of the brain.

The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, The Neuro, at McGill University is providing viewers with a chance to watch classic films and to speak with world-renowned scientists such as memory research pioneer Brenda Milner, neuroradiologist Donatella Tampieri and Neuro Director David Colman about the science, and more, that is revealed in these engaging movies:

Memento (2000), February 18, 2010

A complicated head spinning thriller, Memento chronicles the story of Leonard Shelby, an ex-insurance investigator with anterograde amnesia who can no longer build new memories, but is haunted by his last memory of his wife’s murder.  

Join Dr. Brenda Milner, pioneer in the field of memory research and founder of the field of Cognitive Neuroscience, and award-winning National Film Board director Mr. Munro Ferguson for a screening and discussion of Memento on February 18 to  learn what this compelling and provocative film reveals about amnesia and its effect on people’s lives.

Fantastic Voyage (1966), March 25, 2010

In Fantastic Voyage the United States and the Soviet Union have developed technology that allows matter to be miniaturized, but only for 60 minutes. A brilliant scientist Jan Benes, who is working on this technology, escapes from behind the Iron Curtain with the help of CIA agent Grant but their motorcade is attacked and Benes is left with a blood clot on his brain. To save his life Grant and his crew board a miniaturized submarine that is injected into Benes, giving the team only one hour to repair the clot and get out.

Watch Fantastic Voyage with the Neuro’s Director of Interventional Neuroradiology Dr. Donatella Tampieri on March 25, and get a doctor’s perspective on the REAL life-saving techniques that allow us to navigate the blood vessels in the brain to correct challenging vascular problems.

Stalag 17 (1953), April 15, 2010

Stalag 17 tells the story of a group of American airmen held in a German World War II prisoner of war (POW) camp, who come to suspect that one of their group is a traitor. The movie explores themes of jealousy and presumption of guilt. As it turns out, one of the actual inmates of the real camp, Stalag 17 in Austria, later became a fellow at The Neuro after the war.

Join Dr. David Colman, neuroscientist and Director of The Neuro for an eye opening discussion and the full story on April 15.

What:  Neuro Movie Nights


Memento, February 18 2010

Fantastic Voyage, March 25 2010

Stalag 17, April 15 2010

Time:   6: 30 p.m.


February 18:

Dr. Brenda Milner, Neuropsychologist, Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital

Mr. Munro Ferguson, Director, National Film Board

March 25:

Dr. Donatella Tampieri, Director of Interventional Radiology, Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital

April 15:

Dr. David Colman, Director, Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital

Where: Jeanne Timmins Amphitheatre,

Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (3801 University Street)

Admission: Free. Snacks can be purchased (popcorn, soda and candy)

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