Networking Your Way To The Job You Want


The Career and Placement Service (CAPS) is welcoming you to attend this interesting and practical workshop. Now that you know yourself, you've targeted a job, your CV is ready and you can succeed in interviews, you are ready to be proactive in applying for jobs.

This workshop is all about networking. We will discuss the hidden market, which requires more work but has a higher success rate, while other, traditional methods such as the visible job market require less time and energy but have a lower success rate. We will also have a quick glance at environmental careers. We will explore the different job positions and options students have as environmental practitioners. You'll find out that by being resourceful and by applying effective job search techniques you will be able to find these jobs.

Should you wish to attend we encourage you to register with CAPS by caps.macdonald [at] (email) or phone (398-7582).