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MUHC encourages men over the age of 50 to get annual prostate exam


Published: 19 Sep 2006

A simple, painless 15-second exam can detect cancer early, at its curable stage, and save lives.

One in every seven men in Quebec will develop prostate cancer and the risk increases in men over the age of 50. A simple, painless 15-second exam can detect cancer early, at its curable stage, and save lives.

To mark its prostate cancer awareness week, September 18-24, the MUHC is encouraging men aged 50 or older to have a regular annual prostate exam and a PSA blood test.

Early warning signs of possible prostate problems are: difficulty urinating, urinating very often at night. However, if men do not have trouble urinating it does not mean they do not have prostate cancer and vice versa. This simple exam can be done in any clinic or doctor's office.

"Many men are concerned about prostate cancer treatments or enlarged prostate treatment because of potential erectile dysfunction; however, thanks to our multidisciplinary team at the MUHC Prostate Cancer centre of excellence, and our ability to perform minimally invasive surgery, radio-oncology treatments — including brachytherapy — and advanced chemotherapy, the preservation of erectile function is improving," explains Dr. Simon Tanguay, MUHC urologist and director of Urologic Oncology at McGill University.

MUHC Prostate Cancer centre of excellence
The MUHC is benchmarked as a Prostate Cancer centre of excellence, offering our patients the highest standards of diagnosis and treatment at our state-of-the-art surgical and clinical facilities including minimally invasive surgery and advanced radiotherapy and brachytherapy.

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