Montreal Neurological Institute receives $15 million in federal support


The Honourable Jim Prentice, Minister of Industry, today highlighted the $15 million investment in support of the Montreal Neurological Institute, as part of his presentation at the annual Wilder Penfield Lecture.

“Our government is making significant investments in science and technology to improve our quality of life and sustain economic growth today and into the future,” said Minister Prentice. “By supporting Centres of Excellence like the MNI we are targeting resources to areas where Canada has the potential to be a world leader or is currently leading the way.”

At the MNI, researchers and physicians work hand in hand so that problems encountered in the clinic inspire research, and new findings from the labs are directly applied to patients’ medical needs. MNI physicians routinely use the most advanced equipment, approaches and methods in Canada, and are continuously perfecting and refining these with the MNI’s research teams. New funding will help the MNI build and maintain specialized facilities, pursue breakthrough discoveries, and provide unique scientific and medical training.

The MNI is a research and teaching Institute of McGill University, and is integrated with the Montreal Neurological Hospital, one of the five hospitals of the McGill University Hospital Centre. This combined organization has more than 85 professors and 200 research trainees, performs more than 1800 surgeries and hosts 30,000 ambulatory patient visits per year. Government support, private philanthropy and the dedicated commitment of the McConnell, Molson and Webster foundations and others has been central to the achievements of the MNI.

This investment of $15 million over three years will be used for innovative research programs and the operation of core facilities to advance research aimed at developing the next generation of medical therapies. This work includes understanding the biological basis of neurological disease, restoring nervous system function through human-machine interface, discovering new treatment options and translating research into clinical application, and training new talent in neuroscience.

Known for global leadership in neuroscience and for translating knowledge into practice, the MNI will partner with businesses and with Quebec to build on its success. “We were happy that the MNI was recognized, along with 6 equally outstanding institutes,” said David Colman, Director, Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital. “It shows great thought on the part of the government to have selected a group to feature in this way. The Government of Canada now has a tremendous opportunity to formulate health sciences policy to chart the future of health research in Canada, and to allocate resources in line with a long-term agenda.”

“I am delighted with the investment in McGill’s MNI which is clearly a world leader in its field,” said Heather Munroe-Blum, McGill University Principal. The MNI is unique for its integration of research and clinical care. Since its founding in 1934, the MNI has been the world’s only academic medical centre completely dedicated to neuroscience. Diseases of the nervous system account for more hospitalizations, long term care and chronic suffering than nearly all other medical conditions combined. In Canada, almost 15 million people, or 50% of all Canadians, have a neurological disorder or a family member afflicted by one, so the work of the MNI is critically important.

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