Montreal Gazette - Apple-picking of data leaves bad taste


(Chemistry professor Joe Schwarcz):

"It isn't often that I find myself in agreement with those gallant knights at the Environmental Working Group in the U.S., who are on a quest to rid the environment of all those nasty chemicals that lurk in our sunscreens, cosmetics, cleaning agents and, of course, in our food. But I'll ride along when they urge the public to eat more fruits and vegetables, even conventionally grown ones, acknowledging that the health benefits outweigh any risk posed by pesticide residues.

Call me a cynic, but I think the reason that EWG's recent new release about "most pesticide contaminated fruits and vegetables" led off with this bit of sound advice was to help deflect any accusations of fearmongering. But fearmongering is an apt description of EWG's release of its Dirty Dozen fruits and vegetables…"