School of Information Studies master's student Anastasia Prozorova convenes McGill-wide "Information & Chaos Theories" reading group


Interested in exploring intersections between information & chaos theories this summer?  

"Information & Chaos Theories" is an independent reading group offered through the McGill Institute for the Public Life of Arts & Ideas (IPLAI), convened by Anastasia Prozorova, MLIS II student. The reading group is open to all McGill students, staff, and faculty, and will provide the opportunity to discuss information and chaos theories with an eye to interdisciplinarity. A summary of the group is below, as excerpted from the IPLAI site.

For more information, visit the links below or contact Anastasia. Feel free to pass on this information to friends or colleagues in other faculties who may be interested.


Independent Reading Group: Information and Chaos Theories

Information and chaos theories often appear as two sides of the same coin. Whether you are looking for an elegant solution to a problem or trying to forecast an outcome of a complex process, information and chaos theories could guide you in your decision-making. Both theories have been applied in a surprising number of fields (Physics, Computer Science, Economics, Communications, Mathematics, Philosophy, Biology, Sociology, Fine Arts…). Our informal discussions will explore how the two theories came about and the relationship between them. This summer seminar is open to the whole McGill University community. And, if you are out of town, we can arrange a virtual meeting as well.

Reading List

Convenor: Anastasia Prozorova
Meeting times: Wednesdays, 3:00-5:00pm: 7, 28 May, 11 June, 16 July, 13, 27 August
Room 21-6, 3610 McTavish St.

"IPLAI reading groups are not-for-credit innovative, interdisciplinary programs of exploration that cross boundaries and ask big questions. They are created and convened by McGill students and faculty for their colleagues and thus are open to any and all McGill students, staff and faculty. Participants are not required to have existing expertise in the subject. A keen curiosity is enough. For more information on a particular group, or to join that group, please contact that group's convenor."