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Message from Principal Heather Munroe-Blum regarding the tragic events at Dawson College


Published: 14 Sep 2006

Dear members of the McGill community,

The tragic events at Dawson College yesterday in which two people died and others were critically injured have shocked and saddened the McGill community, which has close ties and friendships with Dawson. Our deepest sympathies go to family members and friends who suffered loss and our heartfelt hopes for speedy recovery are with those who were injured or harmed.

McGill is offering to help Dawson College and the victims in any way we can and provide counselling to students in the wake of this tragedy. Students with Dawson identification are welcome to seek help at McGill Student Counselling Services, Suite 4200, Brown Building, 3600 McTavish. McGill students who are having difficulty dealing with the situation are also invited to contact Student Counselling Services.

Staff members who require help should contact the Employee Assistance Program.

On behalf of the McGill community, I commend the quick action of the authorities, our colleagues at the McGill University Health Centre (Montreal General Hospital and Montreal Children's Hospital) and the Jewish General Hospital, and all those who reached out to help the victims of this senseless act of violence.


Heather Munroe-Blum
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

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