Mentors in Motion


The Big Brother Big Sister Association of Greater Montreal launches "Mentors in Motion" in collaboration with the Montreal Children's Hospital and McGill University

A press conference was held on Wednesday, June 15, at 10:30 am at the Montreal Children's Hospital of the McGill University Health Centre, situated at 2300 Tupper.

Mentors in Motion of the Big Brother Big Sister Association of Greater Montreal is a mentoring program developed for children who are overweight or who are obese. The aim is to pair these children with a mentor who will help them become more physically active and help them adopt a healthier lifestyle. Mentors in Motion is a first of its kind program in Canada.

Phase one of Mentors in Motion is a study being led by the Montreal Children's Hospital Endocrinology and Metabolism Department and the McGill University School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition. Mentors in Motion In-Hospital will help adolescents who are clinically diagnosed as obese. The duration of the study is at least one year. A compilation of the study's results (metabolic rate changes, weight, new diet, self-esteem amelioration) will in turn be transferred to health and psychology experts across Canada.

In September, this new mentoring program will be expanded and will be offered directly to children coming from elementary and secondary level schools served by the Big Brother Big Sister Association of Greater Montreal. Mentors in Motion In-School will help kids with weight problems and children who are already suffering from obesity. The goal of this program is to help prevent and reduce the alarmingly high and growing rate of obesity among children.

The Big Brother Big Sister Association of Greater Montreal will be putting mentors in contact with children having a weight problem in order to help them become more physically active, while also encouraging and helping them develop a healthier lifestyle. Obesity not only affects a child's health but also has an impact on his or her psychosocial development. Overweight and/or obese children suffer from depression, low self-esteem, discrimination and feelings of rejection. This is where Mentors in Motion can make the difference, aiming to address these and other social, emotional and personal issues. Interactive workshops focusing on self-esteem and nutrition will also be a part of the program's curriculum, complementing the mentor/protégé relationship.

To become a volunteer, please call (514) 842-9715 or visit the Big Brother Big Sister website.

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