McGill News - Insights: Like Father, Like Son


Allyson Rowley in the McGill News.

At first, FRANÇOIS CRÉPEAU, BCL/LLB’82, wanted to be an archaeologist. “Frankly, I don’t remember when I decided to study law,” he laughs. His eventual decision seems to have been the right one, nonetheless. One of the world’s foremost experts on international human rights and refugee law, Crépeau recently joined McGill’s Faculty of Law as the first Hans and Tamar Oppenheimer Chair in Public International Law.

Perhaps an aptitude for the law was in his genes. His father, after all, is PAUL-ANDRÉ CRÉPEAU, McGill’s Arnold Wainwright Chair in Civil Law. Last November, Crépeau senior was recognized for his remarkable career with a Prix du Québec (the Georges-Émile Lapalme prize), one of the highest honours awarded by the Quebec government... [Read further]