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McGill Historical Collections web site launches


Published: 29 Sep 2010

A New Look at Old McGill

After years of exploring, the Principal’s Heritage Advisory Committee launched the McGill Historical Collections web site, a combination of gorgeous existing sites and many hidden collections:


This very simple tool allows you to take advantage of the rich research possibilities found in the libraries, departments, museums, archives and nature reserves that have enriched the lives of students, staff and the public since the University’s founding. In launching the site, Principal Heather Munroe, quoting Frank Scott, referred to the University as a “region of the mind” and highlighted the importance of our collectors and their collections within and outside the realm of the University, drawing the attention of the audience to the foresight of just a few of our outstanding collectors, Andrew Fernando Holmes, Sir William Dawson and Sir William Osler.

Explore the past; this is only the beginning.

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