McGill expert alert: Unseasonably mild weather


We suggest the following sources for your stories about recent mild weather/global warming this winter:

Balmy temperatures have left winter coats and outerwear on the racks, sparking what the New York Times has called the 'Coat Crisis of 2006'

Karl Moore
Professor, Desautels Faculty of Management
Expertise: Globalization, marketing, airline industry
karl.moore [at] (Email)

Warm weather has left food banks with low reserves, with few people in the holiday spirit

Dr. Alain Dagher
Neurologist, Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, Professor, McGill University
Expertise: How donating to charity rewards the brain
Contact via Sandra McPherson, Communications Officer, MNI
sandra.mcpherson [at] (Email)

'Rapid warming' spreads havoc in Canada's forests

Chris Buddle
Professor, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Expertise: Terrestrial arthropod biodiversity, spider and insect diversity in managed and unmanaged forests, beech bark disease, mountain pine beetle infestation in Western Canada
chris.buddle [at] (Email)

Climate change impacts on northern mammals

Murray Humphries
Professor, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Expertise: Climate change will likely alter the distribution and abundance of northern mammals through a combination of direct, abiotic effects (e.g., changes in temperature and precipitation) and indirect, biotic effects (e.g., changes in the abundance of resources, competitors and predators).
murray.humphries [at] (Email)

Warm weather, snow clearing and city planning

Nik Luka
Schools of Architecture and Urban Planning
Expertise: Urban planning and design and how it relates to developing effective strategic design and policy interventions
nik.luka [at] (Email)

The thawing of winter ice and the effect on the shipping industry

Louis Gialloreto
Professor, Desautels Faculty of Management
Expertise: Transportation industry, shipping and airlines
louis.gialloreto [at] (Email)

Global warming and travel

Robert Soroka
Professor, Desautels Faculty of Management
Expertise: Marketing, tourism industry
robert.soroka [at] (Email)

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