McGill expert alert: Preparing for spring


For your reports on the springing of spring, we suggest the following sources:

Seasonal Health Issues


Dr. Ron Olivenstein
Faculty of Medicine, Montreal Chest Institute, MUHC
Expertise: Asthma physician.
Please contact Dr. Olivenstein via Seeta Ramdas, MUHC Communications, 514-843-1560 or seeta.ramdas [at] (Email)


Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzcharles
Faculty of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology, McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)
Expertise: Rheumatoid arthritis, joint problems.
Please contact Dr. Fitzcharles via Seeta Ramdas, MUHC Communications, 514-843-1560 or seeta.ramdas [at] (Email)

Green Cleaning

Cleaning without carcinogens

Madeleine Bird
Coordinator, Health and Environmental Awareness Project, McGill Centre for Research and Teaching on Women
Expertise: Health dangers associated with household cleaners, environmentally friendly alternatives.
Tel: 514- 398-3911, ext. 4
madeleine.bird [at] (Email)

Safe solvents, green chemistry

Chao-Jun Li
Professor, Department of Chemistry
Expertise: Green solvents, reducing toxic waste products.
Tel: 514-398-8457 [at] (Email)

Wildlife and Insects

Beneficial and pest insects

Christopher Buddle
Professor, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Expertise: Many insects benefit growers by feeding on pest species, such as the assassin bug. It is important to be able to recognize beneficial insects so they are not mistaken for pests, such as the obliquebanded leafroller caterpillar.
Tel: 514-398-8026
chris.buddle [at] (Email)


David Bird
Professor, Department of Natural Resource Sciences, Director, Avian Science and Conservation Centre
Expertise: Ecosystems, sustainable development, repelling nuisance animals to attracting desired species.
Tel: 398-7760
david.bird [at] (Email)

Urban wildlife

Urban Wildlife Information Centre
A service run by McGill staff and students specializing in horticulture, agriculture, zoology and wildlife biology.
Tel: 514 398-7882
Office hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
Open from May 1st to August 15th


Urban environmental horticulture

David Wees
Professor, Department of Plant Science and Farm Management and Technology Program
Expertise: Agricultural botany, fruit and vegetable crops, greenhouse crops, landscape design, mulches, woodchips, how to cut down on water use in the garden.
Tel: 514-398-7868
david.wees [at] (Email)

Plant cloning and propagation

Danielle Donnelly
Professor, Department of Plant Science
Expertise: Plant anatomy, tissue culture technology.
Tel. 514-398-7856
danielle.donnelly [at] (Email)

Planting vegetables

Katrine Stewart
Acting Chair and Professor, Department of Plant Sciences
Expertise: Vegetable crops, plant response to stress conditions and/or changes in microclimate, greenhouse planting.
Tel. 514-398-4400 x7872
katrine.stewart [at] (Email)

Bio-pest control/bio-herbicides

Alan Watson
Professor, Department of Plant Sciences
Expertise: Development of biological weed control strategies using the weed’s own natural enemies, diseases and insects.
Tel. 514-398-7858
alan.watson [at] (Email)
(Unavailable April 2 to June 5)

Contact Information

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McGill University Relations Office
cynthia.lee [at]
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