McGill and Montreal Matters: Youth


Series focuses on all things by and about youth

McGill University is pleased to announce its participation in the seventh annual CBC Montreal Matters series, a month-long exploration of issues relevant to the community. Youth is the theme this year, and Montreal Matters is reaching out to a segment of the population not always heard from directly. Over four weeks, on radio, on television and on the web, Montreal Matters will cover some of the tough issues associated with youth – crime, violence, poverty – and will learn about some of the people who are making a difference. The event will give youth the opportunity to talk about everything from pop to cops, from school to being cool. The theme will be discussed in public lectures, special events and workshops. McGill is pleased to co-host the following events on the topic:

Art Exhibition and Colloquium:
Bringing the Future Forward: What Can a Girl Do With a Camera?
A Photographic Tribute to the Memory of Jackie Kirk

Oct. 22, 11:30 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.
McGill Bookstore Café, 3420 McTavish St.

The photographic images in this exhibition and colloquium are all produced by girls and young women in Montreal, Rwanda, Swaziland and South Africa. Their photographs capture images that illustrate the success/vulnerabilities/challenges they face every day. The aim of this method of “photovoice”, as it is called, is to see the world 'through their eyes'. Images produced by a group of girls from Sinclair Laird School in Montreal will be displayed alongside photographs produced by girls in Africa and provided to McGill Education Prof. Claudia Mitchell. A discussion about and with girls on girl culture will round out the event, which is a tribute to Jackie Kirk, a humanitarian aid worker and adjunct professor at McGill who recently was killed in Afghanistan. Jackie Kirk had worked closely with the girls at Sinclair Laird School and with Prof. Mitchell. The event is also part of the Back to the Future: Productive Remembering in Changing Times Workshop held in the Faculty of Education, Oct. 22-24.
Contact: Katie MacEntee, MA Faculty of Education, kmacentee [at]

Media Screening and Panel Discussion:
Shoot First, Answer Questions Later: Youth Media, Youth Voice

Oct. 28, 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Chancellor Day Hall, 3644 Peel St.

Typically, the topic of youth is raised in public debate when young people are hurting themselves or others; failing at literacy, learning or life; or damaging or stealing property. And when youth are spoken of, they are usually spoken for by journalists, police officers, psychologists, teachers and parents. Given the opportunity to seize the camera and the mike, to shoot first and to direct the action, youth tell stories and share perspectives not captured by youth experts and authorities. Intended for the general public, this interactive session brings together academics, community activists, media specialists and young media producers to explore how youth-made and youth-led media can change our perceptions of youth culture and life in a rapidly changing world.

Led by McGill Education Professors Michael Hoechsmann and Bronwen Low, authors of Reading Youth Writing: "New" Literacies, Cultural Studies and Education, the panelists will explore a range of youth-made and youth-led media productions, including older (film, video and radio) and newer (remix and mash-up) forms. Their goal is to share ideas, challenge conventional assumptions and identify new paths for future discussions in youth and media studies.
Contact: Joella Gencher, Development and Alumni Relations, McGill University, joella.gencher [at]

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