McGill #1 Again in Maclean’s Rankings


Maclean’s has once again ranked McGill as the top university in Canada among institutions offering medical-doctoral programs. This is the ninth consecutive year the magazine has placed McGill as the top institution in that category in its annual issue devoted to Canada universities.

“We are delighted by this news, which reflects the hard work, the dedication and the accomplishments of our faculty, staff and students,” said Principal Suzanne Fortier. “We must remain vigilant however, as the race for top talent is a global one. We want McGill – and Canadian universities – to remain magnets for the top professors and top students. We must therefore reaffirm – as a city, as a province and as a nation – the importance of higher education for the well-being of our society and invest in our universities accordingly so we can continue to fulfill our missions of teaching, research and service to the community.”

Read full article: McGill Reporter, November 5, 2013