Management professors receive major research grants


Management Science Area — Professor Jean-Louis Goffin has obtained more than 30 years of federal government-funded NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council) research support with his latest renewal for "The analytic center cutting plane method – ACCPM." The extension of interior point methods to the context of column generation and cutting plane methods has led to a very competitive new methodology for large scale optimization, the Analytic Center Cutting Plane Method (ACCPM). A computer code has been developed with LOGILAB and has been applied to the solution of linear or nonlinear network design problems, of multi-item inventory problems with setup costs and times, and to the computation of economic equilibria.

Information Systems Area — Professor Alain Pinsonneault, principal investigator, and team members Professors Genevieve Bassellier, Mark Mortensen (Organization Behavior Area), Wonseok Oh, Liette Lapointe, Henri Barki (HEC) and Anne Beaudry (Concordia) received a Quebec government-funded FQRSC (Fonds de recherche sur la société et la culture) Team Grant for 2005-2009, titled "Generating Business Value from Information Technology Through Value Creation and Value Extraction Processes."

This project links to strategic themes of both the Management Faculty and McGill related to information technology and computational modeling. The grant will help form the nucleus for creating a research centre on managing information and technology for business value. Tentatively titled the Centre for Research on Information Technology (CRIT), the centre will consist of multidisciplinary teams of scholars from different faculties of McGill as well as selected collaborators from leading Canadian and American universities, who will study how to maximize the benefits of information technology in both the private and the health sectors.