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Lucy Frenette and Maya Kucij winners of the 2013 McGill Library Excellence Awards


Published: 7 Jun 2013

Dr. Colleen Cook, Trenholme Dean of Libraries, is delighted to announce that Maya Kucij and Lucy Frenette are the recipients of the 2013 Library Excellence Awards. The Library Excellence Awards officially honour the extraordinary service, important efforts and achievements of staff members. “These awards are near and dear to my heart because candidates for the award are brought forward by colleagues,” says Cook. “Every year the list of nominees is outstanding and this year was no exception. Maya and Lucy are exceptional women – their enthusiasm, resourcefulness and dedication to McGill and the Library has served the university community in more ways than we can count.”

Lucy Frenette, Administrative Coordinator, Macdonald Campus Library | McGill Library Staff Excellence Award

Lucy Frenette has served McGill University for over 30 years. As Administrative Coordinator at Macdonald Campus Library, Lucy’s proactive, diligent approach to addressing the library’s needs, both internally with staff and externally with users, inspires great confidence and trust. In 2011-2012, Lucy was tasked with being the Macdonald Campus Library liaison with ICS, Ancillary Services and Xerox around the UPrint initiative. Drawing on her attention to detail and reliability, Lucy spent countless hours communicating with all parties involved in order to keep updated on new developments and directives. She produced new Library protocols, found solutions to technical problems all while steadily assisting students, faculty and her colleagues with the transition. Lucy also reorganized work and equipment space configuration for maximum efficiency. She holds a high regard for the work environment, safety and sustainability. Constant improvements are paramount and she handles all space-related projects with rigour – from beginning to end.

Over her years at McGill, Lucy has also served as the in house expert – the person staff and faculty members turn to for advice in a multitude of areas. She is gifted at identifying the most relevant information and communicating it concisely to her colleagues. In addition, Lucy’s breadth of experience in logistics and event planning has ensured the smooth functioning of everyday activities alongside special events and meetings.

Maya Kucij, Liaison Librarian, Education Library & Curriculum Resources Centre | McGill Librarian Excellence Award

Since joining the Library in 2008, Maya has made a significant impact both as a liaison librarian and as the Interim Head of the Education Library. As Interim Head, Maya led a team of librarians and staff through numerous projects including the establishment of a single service point, the relocation of materials onto compact shelving and the collaborative re-imagining and reintegration of the library’s Curriculum Resource and Children’s/Young Adult Literature collections. She has been instrumental in improving the collection, aligning the resources with curriculum and research priorities, as well as publicizing and creating aids for acquisitions to maximise their use.

Maya is also deeply integrated in the Faculty of Education. She is as an inspiring instructor and her expertise in children’s literature has led her to the classroom with an invitation from the Department Of Integrated Studies in Education to be co-instructor for Children’s Literature, a 3 credit course required for the B. Ed program.

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