Law student Joanna Baron wins research contract with Justice Canada


Joanna Baron, Law II, has been awarded a research contract worth $5,000 by the Department of Justice as part of its program on Canadian bijuralism. Her research proposal aims to examine the "Interaction Between the Assisted Human Reproduction Act and Provincial Laws on Filiation or Parentage."

Bijuralism concerns the interaction of federal and provincial law. Specifically, the Department of Justice Canada's Program of Research Contracts on Canadian Bijuralism aims to promote law students' expertise at addressing the complex interpretive questions that arise when federal statutes interact with provincial private law, which derives from the common law and civil law traditions.

Joanna's award, along with the earlier successes of other McGill students, testifies to the Department of Justice's recognition of the value of McGill transsystemic program, where students study civil law and common law simultaneously and bilingually.