Last patient treated as a result of Dawson shooting returns home


Leslie Markofsky, one of the patients injured in the shooting incident at Dawson College on September 13, has been released from hospital. He is the last of the 11 victims of the incident treated at the MUHC to be released. Dr. Tarek Razek, MUHC Director of Trauma, stated that Mr. Markofsky is making an excellent recovery.

Ida Markofsky, Leslie's mother, stated that her family is very grateful for the support received from the whole community during these difficult months and expressed her gratitude to the staff of the Montreal General Hospital of the MUHC for their skill and dedication in caring for all the victims of the Dawson shooting incident. "Our children are home," she said.

Please note that Leslie Markofsky and his family will not be giving any interviews and are asking the media to respect their privacy.

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