Good Samaritan restores faith, reimburses stolen Centraide money


You’ve seen this year’s Centraide posters that have fitted ordinary people with stylized angel wings made from the iconic Centraide hand. The slogan simply reads “Donating is uplifting.”

… “It was really wonderful because it was everyone – students, staff and faculty – just reaching into their pockets and giving what they could – five, ten, twenty dollars,” said Celine Junke, Development Officer at Desautels and one of the event’s organizers.

… Enter Mark Smith. Smith (BCom’82) is the president of Pandion Investments Ltd., a private investment management company, and a member of the Desautels International Advisory Board. In a phone call with Desautels Dean, Peter Todd, soon after the incident, Smith was told of the theft. His initial reaction was one of disbelief. “It made me nauseous,” said Smith. “It was that visceral.”

Read full article: McGill Reporter, November 29, 2012