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Florida Governor Scott: What Business Can Learn From Government, Yes We Are Serious!


Published: 11 May 2012

(Article by Karl Moore)

The Economist headline says it all. Not just business as usual, Rick Scott is having to learn the difference between the corner office and the governor's mansion. It goes on to say, "AMONG the most enduring American political ideas is the notion that government can and should be run like a business. Candidates who have succeeded in the corporate world, the theory goes, can bring their no-nonsense, job-creating wisdom to politics. Rick Scott, who made an enormous amount of money running hospitals and as a venture capitalist, ran for governor of Florida on just such a boast. In 2010 he spent more than $70m of his own money on his campaign, boasting of his business acumen while deriding his opponents as insiders and "career politicians".

Read full article: Forbes, May 11, 2012


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