Dr. Elaine Ménard awarded SSHRC research grant


Dr. Elaine Ménard has been awarded a Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) research grant of $115,393 over three years for her project Modeling of an Interface Dedicated to Digital Image Retrieval in a Bilingual Context”.  The research program will develop an interface model for image retrieval in a bilingual (French and English) context, that is, when the query language differs from the indexing language. The overarching goal is to investigate the characteristics and functionalities necessary to support image retrieval in a bilingual context, and to integrate these characteristics and functionalities into a comprehensive yet flexible interface model.  By taking into account the needs and expectations of real users, the main outcome of this research will be the establishment of a framework that will contribute to design efforts and help many groups of image searchers to browse and search for images, since an appropriately designed interface could be crucial to their success in finding the needed images.