Doctoral Students Receive Grants


The recipients are Charles-Antoine Julien, Jillian Tomm, Rafa Absar and Lorie Kloda.

Charles-Antoine Julien and Jillian Tomm both received a doctoral fellowship from FQRSC.  Mr. Julien, a doctoral candidate, is working with Professor John Leide on a project related to the visualization of information. Ms. Tomm, a doctoral student supervised by Professor Peter McNally, received her award for her project on the work of Raymond Klibansky.  Rafa Absar, a doctoral student supervised by Professor Catherine Guastavino, was awarded a similar fellowship from FQRNT, to study the use and integration of non-speech sounds in multimodal interfaces. These fellowships, provided by the Government of Québec, are worth $20,000 per year and are very competitive in nature. Another doctoral student supervised by Professor Joan Bartlett, Lorie Kloda, is the recipient of the Canadian Library Association World Book Scholarship. In addition, Ms. Kloda, who is studying the information practices of rehabilitation therapists and who worked as a medical librarian before her doctoral studies, was awarded the 2008 Thomson Scientific/Medical Library Association Doctoral Fellowship.