Dobson Cup trolling for entrepreneurs


Attention would-be Mark Zuckerbergs.

The organizers of the Dobson Cup business-plan competition are once again trolling for entrepreneurs at McGill.

The contest, hosted by the Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies at the Desautels Faculty of Management, offers a rare opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to compete for prize money - a total of $50,000 this year - and to present their ideas to a panel of experienced entrepreneurs.

... "Students should just go for it and send in a two-pager on March 27 (the only day you can enter)," says Prof. Gregory Vit, director of the Dobson Centre. "A competition actually brings out the best, and encourages people to take the time to think through some of the important issues related to their start-ups...Where else can your idea for a start-up be given serious consideration, possible advice and funding, and maybe, even actually make it happen?"

Read full article: McGill Reporter, March 1, 2012