Desautels Teaching Awards 2014


Professors Ruthanne Huising and Phil Levy have been selected as recipients of the 2013-14 Desautels Faculty Teaching Awards for Undergraduate and Graduate teaching respectively.  

The selections were made by a group chaired by Professor Yalovsky and included student representatives of the BCom and MBA programs who brought forward nominations from their peers. The awards will be presented at the May 30th convocation ceremony.

Ruthanne was selected for the Undergraduate award based on her nomination and endorsement by a broad cross section of undergraduate students. She is a superb classroom teacher whose exceptional performance cannot be adequately captured by simple numerical evaluations which in Ruthanne’s case are always exceptional. The students who nominated Professor Huising speak of her ability to bring concepts to life in unique and memorable ways, her dedication to supporting students beyond the classroom and her ability to push them beyond tools, techniques, concept and application, to values that underlie their personal growth and development. 

Professor Levy is widely acknowledged as an exceptional teacher who is particularly skillful at bringing accounting and financial concepts to life for MBA students of diverse background and experience. The students who nominated him note that he pushes students to think critically and understand how the accounting numbers reflect real business activity. And they note that he ensures the students think about business decisions in the context of broader ethical and social obligations. He delivers on the promise of integrated management.