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Dentistry Newsmakers: Dr. Marc McKee - Bone disease treatment breakthrough


Published: 8 Mar 2010

Dr. Marc McKee, of McGill's Faculty of Dentistry, is collaborating closely with Enobia Pharma Inc., a Quebec biotech company, to develop innovative treatments for serious genetic bone diseases. McKee's research looks into the reasons why calcium-phosphate mineral fails to crystallize properly to form strong bones and teeth. While osteoporosis later in life is an example of bone density deficiency, this research applies to patients, especially children, who never properly mineralized their skeletons to begin with, and thus have frequent bone fractures, difficulty breathing because of soft ribs, and tooth loosening and premature tooth loss.  The disease is called hyposphophatasia, and patients under treatment in clinical trials with the new drug developed in a partnership between Dr. McKee and Enobia Pharma are showing marked improvement.

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