Dentistry Newsmakers: Dr. Christophe Bedos - Poverty and oral health care


A study conducted by Dr. Christophe Bedos was recently reported in Le Devoir. Dr. Bedos revealed that people on social assistance deplore the decline of their dental appearance and its devastating impact on self-esteem, social interaction and employability. They feel powerless to improve their oral health and therefore contemplate tooth extractions and complete dentures as a reasonable solution.  Le Devoir also reported the “Listening to Each Other” program conducted by Dr. Bedos, which aims at improving interactions between people on social assistance and dental care providers. This includes producing a DVD with videotaped testimonies of 6 people on social assistance, with the data reflecting their perceptions and experiences regarding their oral health, availability of dental care services, and comments on poverty in general.


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Les assistés sociaux méconnaissent leurs droits