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Congratulations: Profs. Hong Guo and Isztar Zawadzki, new Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada


Published: 9 Jul 2007

Congratulations to Prof. Hong Guo (Department of Physics) and Prof. Isztar Zawadzki (Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences), who have been elected Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada. The Royal Society of Canada, founded in 1882, is Canada's oldest and most prestigious scholarly organization. Election to RSC is the highest honour that can be attained by scholars, artists and scientists in Canada. The induction ceremony will take place on Saturday, November 17, 2007.

Their induction citations read as follows:

"Hong Guo is internationally renowned for his pioneering contributions to theoretical and computational modeling of quantum transport in nanoelectronic systems. His research spans and influences several fields of condensed matter theory, including quantum transport theory and modeling for nanoelectronic devices, mesoscopic physics, strongly correlated electrons in quantum dots, density functional theory and computational physics, polymer theory, materials physics and statistical physics."

"Isztar Zawadzki has made exceptional and long-lasting contributions to our understanding of precipitation processes using radar measurements. He has related the statistical properties of raindrops to their physical origin and has parameterized their attributes. He then directed the incorporation of his raindrop parameterization scheme into an advanced mesoscale numerical weather prediction model for the benefit of the meteorological community. He has designed novel experiments, and followed them through with superb quantitative interpretations. For his many contributions to radar meteorology, Prof. Zawadzki was awarded in 2006 the first-ever Remote Sensing Prize of the American Meteorology Society."

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