CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: PhD and Post-Doctoral Fellowships


PhD and Post-Doctoral Fellowships

Enhancing intervention research and practice in public health in Canada

Strategic Training Program: Promotion, Prevention and Public Policy (4P)

* June 1st 2011 Competition*

The Strategic Training Program in Transdisciplinary Research on Public and Population Health Interventions:

Promotion, Prevention and Public Policy (4P) is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Strategic Training Initiative in partnership with the Quebec Population Health Research Network. It concerns Quebec or Canadian universities PhD students and Postdoctoral fellows who will do their research project in a formal public health organisation in Quebec such as the Quebec National Public Health Institute, a public health department, a center for health and social services (CSSS), the General Public Health Division of the Ministry of Health and Social Services. The Public Health Agency of Canada in another eligible milieu.

Fellowships starting at $36,750 for post-doctoral students and $21,000 for doctoral students per year are available. Applicants must be enrolled in a postgraduate university program (PhD or Post-Doc). The research project may be rooted in different disciplines (eg, political science, sociology, geography, economics, nutrition) but must be of public health intervention interest and be supervised by a 4P Training Program Public Health mentor.

Selection criteria for applications:

Interested candidates should fill out an application form and send it along with supporting documents to Mrs Anne-Marie Hamelin, Associate-Director, 4P Training Program, McGill University, at the address on the application form. Students from departments not traditionally associated with public health, as well as postdoctoral candidates and those having a research project related to public health policies are encouraged to apply. Applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of 4P Training Program Mentors. Each research project and application will be assessed using the following criteria:

 Relevance of the project to the 4P Training Program (appropriateness of the research to public health and appropriateness of the public health organization where research will be conducted)

 Scientific quality of the research project (purpose and type of specifications for appropriate intervention research, clarity of the problem, the statement of the objectives and methodology, originality of the project and advancement of knowledge; proof of transdisciplinary scope)

 Quality and excellence of the candidate’s academic dossier, experience and scientific productivity. and letters of recommendation from teachers and university supervisors as well as a letter of support from the formal public health organization where the research will be conducted (mentor).

For specific criteria, details about the Program, a complete list of mentors, research projects and interests, please visit If you require additional information, please contact Mrs Hamelin at the following email address: 4P-AMH.eboh [at]

Deadline for receiving applications is June 1st 2011, at noon.

Contact Information

Anne-Marie Hamelin, Ph.D.
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