Borden Ladner Gervais extends and expands its BLG Fellowship program with a new five-year commitment


Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (BLG) has announced the extension of the BLG Fellowship program to promote legal research, with a new, expanded five-year commitment of $1.2-million in funding for research projects.

One of Canada’s largest donations dedicated to research at law schools, the BLG Fellowship program provides grants to top performing first-year law students, which allows them to undertake specific legal research initiatives under the direction of prominent faculty members.

Last summer, the BLG Fellowship program gave two McGill Law students a chance to perform legal research for Professor Helge Dedek (So close and yet so far: Scholastic Jurisprudence and ‘Formal Irrationality’) and Professor Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse (Dangerous Liaisons: the Forced Union of Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights).

“The BLG Fellowship program offers first-year law students an invaluable, hands-on learning experience and an opportunity for law schools to secure top performing first-year students to perform much needed legal research,” explained Norm Letalik, Managing Director of Professional Excellence at BLG. “By supporting first-year law students early in their careers, BLG is providing work opportunities to help promising students and support the law school’s efforts to attract talent for university research.”

The Fellowship Program, established in 2004, arose out of BLG’s commitment to strengthening university-based research at law schools across Canada. Over the past five years the program has awarded 100 fellowships, totalling $1 million, to promote legal research at law schools in 14 universities across Canada.

“At BLG, we strive for excellence in both the expertise and service that we provide to clients,” said Sean Weir, National Managing Partner at BLG. “By supporting both students and law schools through the BLG Fellowship program, we demonstrate this same kind of dedication to excellence.”

Starting in 2009, the renewed BLG Fellowship program will award a total of 20 grants worth $12,000 each year to law students who have completed their first year. Fellowship recipients will be chosen by the individual law schools based upon their academic achievements.

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