BCom In-Course Prize Winners


The Undergraduate Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the winners of In-Course Student Prizes (for returning students):

Accenture Prize (academic standing and contribution to Faculty): Basir Naqvi

Arnold Hart Memorial Scholarship (high academic standing): Andrew Morritt, Kimberly Cebula

Bruce and Jocelyn Pearson Scholarship (high academic standing, interest/passion for business): Mengran Belinda Liu

Cecil Vineberg Scholarship (high academic standing): Liboria Marsala

Cissy and Jimmy Greer Prize (high achievement to an accounting student): Matthew Seccareccia

Clifford C.F. Wong Scholarship (distinguished academic standing): Yifan Song

Commerce 1953 Scholarship (high academic standing): Nathaniel Mooney

Commerce 1955 Scholarship (2 Awards) (outstanding academic achievement, extra-curricular or civic/community involvement): Victor Ma, Olivia Gong

Danny and Monica Gold Award for Academic Excellence and Leadership (outstanding leadership and high academics): Thomas Van Den Hoogen

Dorothy Esmé Graham Snell Scholarship (2 awards) (academic achievement): Michael Hinton, Xiyuan Hu

Dr. Alex Paterson Scholarships (2 Awards) (high academic standing, skills and involvement in the community and/or extra-curricular activities): Daniel Sorek, Melisa Perez Altamirano

Elizabeth Macfarlane Prize (academic excellence): Evelyn Anderson

Frederick M. Connell Award (high academic standing): James Pinnington

Gary & Wendy Balter Scholarship (high academic standing): Derrik Ricciuto

Gerald Benjamin Wasserman Scholarship in Entrepreneurship (high academic standing, having completed one of BUSA 462, BUSA 464, BUSA 465): Justin Villeneuve

Great-West Life & London Life Scholarship (high academic standing in: Economics, LMR, IS, PSYC, OB/HRM, OM or SM and involvement in extra-curricular activities): Roger Huang

HSBC Bank Canada Management Award (high academic standing and community service): Shaonan Zhou, Sebastien Lesieur

Hundredth Anniversary MUS Graduating Class of 2007 Scholarship (2 awards) (outstanding academic standing, contribution to student life in the Faculty): Tashin Kadry, Kate Barker

Hyman Herbert Stein Award (ability and financial need): Alice French

James Hartt Schurman Memorial Award (participating in exchange, volunteer work, high academic standing): Nicholas Bigelow

John V. Galley Scholarship (distinguished academic standing): Sebastian Krolik

Letko Broseeau Investment Management Award (high academic standing and outstanding contribution): Ming Hui Di

Marion McCall Daly Award (preference to women, candidate's promise to make definite contribution to Canadian life, high academic record): Hadas Kletinich

McGill Alumnae Helen R.Y. Reid Scholarship (U0, U1, U2 distinguished female student): Madelaine Erola-Channen

Paul Hervé Desrosiers Scholarship in Entrepreneurial Studies (high academic standing , skills and involvement in the community or extra-curricular activities): Amanda Abitbol, Alexandre Pajusi

PSB Boisjoli Scholarship in Accounting (high achievement to an accounting student): Matthew Rosenberger

Rio Tinto - Richard Evans International Exchange Awards (4 awards) (acceptance in Exchange program or international internship to developing country, leadership values, high academic standing): Jan Kinsky, Michaela Hirsh, Sophia Sunderji, Hyunsoo Lee

Robert Bruce Scholarships (2 Awards) (high academic standing): Wenxi Kang, Michael Adams

RSM Richter Scholarship in Accounting (2 Awards) (high academic standing, major in accounting): Cara Katz, Remi Frater

Samson Belair/Deloitte & Touche Scholarship (high academic standing): Blaire Saunders

Sheila Wellington BMO Financial Group Award (2 Awards) (high academic standing, leadership skills, community involvement, preference to female students in finance and/or economics): Anna Minina, Samantha Fu

Shirin Yeganegi Memorial Scholarship (high academic standing preference to female student, outstanding involvement in extra-curricular activities): Julianna Obal

Sir William Macdonald Scholarship (high academic standing): Ryan Turpin

Women Associates of McGill Scholarship (high academic standing): Alyssa Obert

Undergraduate Scholarship Committee:

Sebastien Betermier

Suzanne Gagnon

Margaret Graham

Heather McCombie

Fernanda Moreno

Emine Sarigollu

Glenn Zabowski

Sanjian Zhang

Cynthia Alphonse