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Announcing the ISID-CIDA Research to Practice Policy Briefs


Published: 26 Nov 2012

ISID is pleased to announce the launch of our new publication series, Research to Practice Policy Briefs. The papers, which were made possible by generous funding from the Canadian International Development Agency as part of our ongoing Strengthening the Contributions of Universities to Evidence-Based Policymaking project, touch on a number of cutting-edge topics in development. We feel they are excellent examples of how top-notch university-level research can be used to develop innovative solutions to the urgent challenges that organizations like CIDA must address. In this way, ISID continues to strive to make direct contributions to better evidence-based policies.

Research to Practice Policy Briefs:

  1. Claudia Mitchell and Kyung-Hwa Yang.  Woman+Teacher+Rural: Bringing Gender into the Policy Framework on Teacher Deployment in Rural Areas

  2. Jon Unruh.  The Role of Land Resource Rights in the Maximization of Adaptation Investments: The Example of Darfur

  3. Matthieu Chemin, Krzysztof Pelc and Paola Perez Aleman.  Economic Growth and Food Security: Overlooked Opportunities at the Local, National, and International Level

  4. Serge Adjognon.  Contract Farming as a Tool for Poverty Reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa

  5. Kim Coleman.  Coping with Childhood Trauma:  Art as a Policy Strategy

  6. Isabelle Deschamps.  Stimulating Sustainable Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa with Legal Systems Enabling Women Entrepreneurs’ Creativity

  7. Susan Dodsworth.  The Policy Implications of Evolving Aid Modalities

  8. Kedra Hildebrand.  Improving CIDA’s Aid Effectiveness Agenda in Vietnam by Targeting the Mekong Delta

  9. José Carlos Marques.  Canada’s CSR Policy: Insights from Recent CSR Research and a Comparative Industry Study

  10. Mark Mattner.  The Development Impact of Extractive Industries:  Policy Options for CIDA

  11. Ifeyinwa Mbakogu.  Child Trafficking in Africa:  The Need for Child-Centred Approaches

  12. Josée Méthot.  Managing Food Security for Resilience:  The Role of Ecosystem Services

  13. Verena Seufert.  Organic Agriculture as an Opportunity for Sustainable Agricultural Development

  14. Stephanie Shumsky.  Food Security from the Forest: Regulating Wild Edible Plants for Household Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa

The papers can also be downloaded free of charge at http://www.mcgill.ca/isid/publications. We encourage their widest dissemination.

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