Amazing mooting for McGill in 2007


In the last month, McGill Law students have been standing out at the various mooting contests of the season. The Faculty congratulates all the students participating in moot competitions and salutes their hard work and drive. The Faculty also extends its heartfelt thanks to all those who so generously coached the students or sat as judges on practice rounds.

Pierre-Basile Mignault Moot 2007

Marcelo Garcia, Frédéric Desmarais, Joshua Krane and Michael Lubetsky not only returned with the cup for best team, they also took the prize for second memorandum (Garcia/Desmarais), the prizes for best pleader (Lubetsky) and second pleader (Krane), as well as the prize for best pleader team (Lubetsky/Krane) – an exceptional five prizes in all!

Laskin Moot 2007

The bilingual Laskin Moot was held in Ottawa this year, from which the McGill team returned with the prize for second place overall. Jean-Michel Boudreau and Ewa Krajewska pleaded for the Appellant, while Michele Brady and Sean Kelly argued the Respondent's side.

Gale Cup 2007

The team of François Beaudry, Andrew Buzzato, Caolan Moore and Jessica Palter competed at the Gale Cup this year in Toronto. They did very well and found it a great learning experience.

Regional Sopinka Cup 2007

The mock trial team of Robert Sampson and David Tortell competed in the Quebec Regional of the Sopinka Cup (called the "Guérin Cup"), and, arguing on the side of the prosecution, came in first. There are four "Best Awards" at the Guérin Cup – Best Opening Statement, Best Examination-in-chief, Best Cross-examination, and Best Closing Statement; and our students returned with three of them. David Tortell took home Best Opening Statement and Robert Sampson took home Best Cross-examination and Best Closing Statement.