After the MBA


...In contrast, Gwen Hanrahan saw the MBA as a way to change the direction of her career as well as to broaden her horizons. From the "monoculture" of working in a Dublin consultancy, she moved to

Montreal to do an MBA at McGill Business School where 75 per cent of the students were non- Canadians. "I learnt to ask questions, find solutions and step back and see the bigger picture," she says "It was very stimulating - the first time I'd been exposed to multi-disciplines." Hanrahan initially stayed in Montreal to work in market analysis for the aerospace industry, but has since returned to Europe. She has been in Paris for the past six years as a publicist in health care consulting. She takes changing sectors and roles in her stride. "There's a richness in every experience in the MBA, so value them even if at the time they don't seem to fit into the master plan. You never know when the knowledge will come in useful."

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