Advice to the B-School Class of 2012


Everyone likes dispensing advice, whether it's solicited or not, or whether it's acted on or not. And given that the products of the top business schools often go on to run major companies, it's perhaps no surprise that the great and good are always queuing up to point them in the right direction, either at the beginning of their MBA programs or when they come blinking into the light after graduation.

... For Peter Todd, dean of the Desautels Faculty at Canada's McGill University, the key is to do something worthwhile and something you actually care about. "Some of you will become CEOs, some of you will run hedge funds, and some of you will go into public service or work for nonprofits, but I hope that all of you will become philanthropists. Whatever path you decide to pursue, remember to follow your interests and your passions. Do what you want to do. Do what gives you energy. But do it with integrity."

Read full article: Businessweek, June 18, 2012