2009 Pierre-Basile Mignault Moot a great success: McGill takes three prizes


The 31st edition of the Pierre-Basile Mignault Moot was held at McGill’s Faculty of Law 13-14 February 2009. After two days of verbal jousting, the winners were announced:

  • Best team: Narimane Nabahi, Alexandre Forest, Olivier Cournoyer Boutin and Benedicte Martin (in same order on photo), (McGill)
  • Best pair of pleaders: Narimane Nabahi and Benedicte Martin (McGill)
  • 2nd pair of pleaders: Arnaud Le Châtelier and Marie-Michelle Guyon (UQÀM)
  • Best pleader: Neda Esmailzadeh (UQÀM)
  • 2nd pleader: Haralambos Karavitis (U. de Montréal)
  • 3rd pleader: Arnaud Le Châtelier (UQÀM)
  • Best factum: Alexandre Forest and Olivier Cournoyer Boutin (McGill)
  • 2nd factum: Luna-Martin Jean and Anick Marcotte (U. d’Ottawa)

Students had to appeal a decision before the Court of appeals.

The committee avaluating the 12 facta were Justice Paul Mayer (Superior Court), Me Alexandre-Philippe Avard (Wood) and Assistant Professor Marie-Annik Grégoire (U. de Montréal). At the bench (elimination and final rounds) were  the Justices Bastarache (retired, C.S.C.), Morissette (C.A.), Roy (S.C.), Duval Hesler (C.A.), Corriveau (S.C.) and Cameron (C.Q.).

The McGill team was coached by Assistant Professor Yaëll Emerich, and our graduates Me Geneviève Bertrand, Me Jean-Philippe Dallaire, Me Philippe Dufort-Langlois, and Me Marianna Ferraro (McCarthy Tétrault).

The Faculty salutes all the winners of this year’s Mignault Moot and thanks the many organizers who devoted uncounted hours to making this event a great success, including Assistant Professor Lara Khoury, who was the principal organizer.

About this Moot

The Pierre-Basile Mignault Moot aims to stimulate interest and scholarship in Quebec's Civil Law Code and to help future advocates hone their courtroom skills.

This two-day moot is held every year at one of six Quebec and Ontario law schools. The next edition will be held at Sherbrooke University in 2010.

The contest is named after one of Quebec's most eminent jurists, the Honourable Pierre-Basile Mignault.