Sustainability and the Population Debate


688, rue Sherbrooke Ouest 688, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, QC, H3A 3R1, CA

One Day @ McGill propose des séminaires permettant d’avoir un accès direct à une expérience à McGill. Ces sessions en petits groupes, qui ont lieu sur le campus de l’Université McGill, sont abordables, et  offrent aux participants une chance d’approfondir leurs connaissances par le biais de notre communauté académique.

Description : Sustainability essentially involves the obligation to leave to future generations the capacity to ensure their well-being. This obligation raises the question of whether we are running out of resources—in terms of both “sources” and “sinks”—necessary for its fulfillment. On the opposite side of the coin are the questions of whether there are too many people, and if we are consuming too much. This one-day seminar addresses the specific issue of population growth, which is important in the context of sustainability, given that the global population, which currently stands at around 7.2 billion people, is projected by the United Nations to reach nearly 11 billion in 2100.The causes and impacts of population growth, what might be done to control it and whether “overpopulation” is a problem at all have been and continue to be debated. We will explore different perspectives on these questions and draw lessons for global population stabilization from the experience related to population control.

Tous les séminaires sont donnés en anglais.

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