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A developmental psychopathology approach to schizophrenia
A difficult endeavour: Ensuring the dependability of software-intensive systems
A discussion on ethical engagement: Kony 2012
A Discussion on Globalization and the Role of Offshoring: McGill on the Move event with Omar Toulan (France alumni branch)
A discussion on the possibility of a subaltern reading of Indian Muslim history
A Dream Play
A duality between state and observation for probabilistic automata
A farm-to-fork systems approach to improving food and nutrition security in the Caribbean
A fast algorithm for Stalling's folding process
A feminist guided tour of the permanent collection
A Few Goodmen vs. Bearosmith
A Few Goodmen vs. Dougie's Dragons
A field guide to GenBank and NCBI resources: Bioinformatics workshop
A fire of life for the Anthropocene: modern humanity’s climate envelope and the cold costs of our comfort (Food for Thought Lecture Series)
A first-hand view of the political crisis in Kenya: The general elections and their aftermath
A flexible and powerful Bayesian hierarchichal model for chip-chip data
A flying TRP through the mechanical senses: ciliary mechanisms and mechanotransduction in Drosophila.
A foreign accent?
A functional study of the essentials 26S proteasome subunit POH1
A Future Peace or the Road to Future Conflict? Making Sense of Sudan’s Impending Partition
A G-protein coupled receptor has a redundant function in axon guidance in C. elegans.
A Gallery without Walls: McGill’s University Art Collection
A genetic analysis of the French Canadian population in search of evidence in favour of novel breast cancer susceptibility genes
A genetic approach to Parkinson's diseases: Neurodegeneration due to Dardarin mutations
A genome-wide association study identifies novel risk loci for type 2 diabetes
A genome-wide RNAi screen identifies a novel gene regulating integrin function
A genome-wide RNAi screen in Drosophila identifies the Exon Junction Complex as a regulator of RAS/MAPK signaling
A genome-wide screen for genes affecting integrin-mediated cell spreading in Drosophila
A geography of opportunity perspective for understanding place effects on health: leveraging a housing voucher experiment and instrumental variable analysis for estimating causal effects of neighborhood change.
A Great Transformation: Computers and Automation at McGill 1959-2009
A groovy night of Cosmic Bowling
A guide to container gardening with Stuart Robertson -- SOLD OUT
A guided tour in the twilight zone: From sequence to functional inference
A gut feeling of time: Molecular mechanism of circadian clock output
A guy goes into a drugstore: Condoms in pre-AIDS culture
A harmonized and hierarchical method of quantifying upper extremity function post-stroke
A Hero of the Environment
A heterotrimeric G protein and its cognate heptahelical receptor and effector form a signaling complex in living cells
A History of Brain Imaging at the MNI (Dr. William Feindel)
A History of the Islamic Studies Library: 60th Anniversary