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A - CWOQ: Class 1A - Professor Karl Moore "Interview with a CEO"
A - CWOQ: Class 1B - Professor Showan Nazhat: Building Body Parts
A - CWOQ: Class 1C - Professor Amir Raz "The Power of Persuasion"
A - CWOQ: Class 1D - Professor Kristine Koski "An Apple a Day"
A - CWOQ: Class 2A - Prof. Chris Ragan "A Complex Collection of Economic Challenges"
A - CWOQ: Class 2B - Professor David Harpp "This is Not the Classroom I Used to Know"
A - CWOQ: Class 2C - Prof. Davesh Soneji "Dancing with the Stars: Southern India"
A - CWOQ: Class 2D - Dr. Pierre-Paul Tellier "All About Sex - and Students"
A - Faculty Club Tour (12:30)
A - Faculty Club Tour (1:30)
A - Flag Football Game
A - Homecoming 2010 Football Game
A - Homecoming Closing Brunch
A - Homecoming Trivia Night with Quizmaster: Professor David Harpp
A - James McGill Dinner: Class of '55 and earlier classes
A - Jubilee Dinner: Class of '60
A - Leacock Luncheon
A - Lunch et Livres
A - Lunch et Livres
A - Martlet Dinner 5th to 45th Anniversary Classes
A - Martlet Dinner: 5th to 45th Anniversary Classes
A - Pre-Game Spirit Party
A - Red & White Dinner 50th to 75th Anniversary Classes
A - Return to the Rainbow Reception
A - Scarlet Key Brunch
A - Scarlet Key Brunch
A - Special Homecoming Lecture - Making Our Cities Safe: What Can We Learn from New York?
A - Sports Hall of Fame 15th Annual Luncheon
A - Spotlight on Schulich Reception and Concert
A - The Beatty Memorial Lecture
A - Walking Tour - Golden Square Mile
A - Walking Tour of Old Montreal
A Bayesian approach for correcting partial or differential verification bias in diagnostic studies
A Bell-jar of Victorians
A Benefit Concert: An Afternoon of Shakuhachi Music
A Better Understanding of Dual Ownership of Trust Property and Its Introduction in China through Comparative Studies
A biophysical view on bacterial infections
A bitter pill: LSD in clinical trials, 1950-1970
A blunder undone: Exploding stars, dark energy and the accelerating cosmos - Mini-Beatty Lecture
A Brain-Imaging Perspective of Bilingualism, Brain Organization, and Development [Dr. Denise Klein]