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"Outdone Outdoings and Overdone 'Dos: Celebrity and Privacy in the Works of Colley Cibber, Comedian."
"Overview and new applications of the Affymetrix GeneChip Technology: The importance of context" and "Leading the way in genetic discovery: Affymetrix tools for DNA analysis"
"Overview of the Treatment Landscape for Metastatic Melanoma and its Unique Challenges and Opportunities" by Dr. Steven O'Day
"Patient safety: The elixir of core competencies" - Dr. Sue Brien
"Patrimoine / Patrimony" - a Myths and Metaphors Seminar on IP and Private Law
"Penguin Hurts" sale
"Personal Health Records: a catalyst for positive health care change"
"Philosophical Trends in Classical Sufism". Lecture by Nasrollah Pourjavady
"Profit at the Bottom" by Jody Heymann & Magda Barrera
"Promoting Physical Activity in Public Places"
"Protocol Politics: The Globalization of Internet Governance"
"Public Perception of Agriculture - Facts and Myths"
"Recent Trends in the Study of Mu'tazilism". Lecture by Professor Sabine Schmidtke.
"Research Matters" Feedback Session
"Separation/divorces rates among families whose child has a neurodevelopmental disorder: Results from the NLSCY" - Lucy Lach
"Shari`a and the State in Pakistan," a lecture by Muhammad Qasim Zaman
"Show Me What You Can Do": A New Way of Selecting McGill Medical Students
"Social gains, muscle strains, and emotional pain: the role of physical activity in experiences of psychological growth"
"Special Lecture for McGill Parents Living in New York"
"Spring into Action" Cocktail
"Supplementarity, or Longevity through Asymmetric Exchange: Thoughts on Transplant Relations and Imaginaries in and out of India"
"Suspecious Minds" with authors Ian Gold and Joel Gold
"Talking to the Press: The Case of Obamacare in the US" - Trudy Lieberman, Press Critic for the Columbia Journalism Review - Sept 26 @ 1:00-2:30 PM
"Taming Trauma" with Karim Nader
"The 'Ulama' of Early Modern India and the Study of Logic"
"THE BIRDS WEREN'T SINGING" Perspectives on war-affected children and youth in Quebec
"The carnivalesque Ashura: Transgression in the Muharram performances of Bushehr."
"The Cosmic Gift of Neutron Stars" by Professor Vicky Kaspi
"The Drowsy Chaperone" theatre night - Toronto
"The Everyday, Lived Realities and Other Fictions"
"The Future of the Romantic Book: Readers with Scissors"
"The Hollywood Librarian" - a look at librarians through film
"The Hollywood Librarian" - a look at librarians through film
"The Many Faces of Political Islam: Multiple Manifestations or Multiple Ideologies?" Lecture by Professor Mohammed Ayoob
"The New Neuroscience" with Dr. David Colman
"The phenomenology of hybrid bodies: rethinking bioethics and organ transplantation"
"The Physiological Circus. Knowing, Representing, and Governing Horses in Motion in Nineteenth-Century France"
"The Power of Persuasion" Lecture by Dr. Amir Raz
"The Rain Ascends" and "Obasan"
"The Science of Sciences" - Replication and Reproduction in Lavater's Physiognomics