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'Playhouse Creatures'
'Playhouse Creatures'
'Playhouse Creatures'
'Playhouse Creatures'
'Playhouse Creatures'
'Poor Liza' - film screening and discussion with screenwriter
'Por amor a la patria': La mexicanidad de Clavijero y su narración de la conquista de México
'Race' Literacy and the Legal Profession: An Ethical Imperative for Cap, Bar, and Bench
'Roll back malaria, roll in development,' one hundred years of economic promises revisited
'Rumors' by Neil Simon - an evening of theatre
'Self-confounding bias': Why do we need complex methods to model continuous prognostic factors in survival analysis?
'Shakespeare and the Animals' at McGill
'The Choice is Yours': The relevance of Viktor Frankl in the lives of patients, family members & caregivers
'The Cold War' and 'Reds' - episodes 2 and 6, CNN Cold War Series
'The Collected Works of Billy the Kid'
'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time': Book review by Monique Polak
'The Czech Dream'
'The land is our right': Encroachment, eviction and the continuing conflict over resettlement at Enoosupukia, Kenya
'The last line of defence for citizens'? Health care after Chaoulli
'The Meaning of Wife'
'The science writing heuristic in the general chemistry laboratory' and 'Computer simulations to improve understanding of chemistry'
'The switch': Commitment to sexual development in Plasmodium falciparum
'The Un-Canadians': A documentary film
'To a Loving Humour of Madness'
'To a Loving Humour of Madness'
'To a Loving Humour of Madness'
'To a Loving Humour of Madness'
'To a Loving Humour of Madness'
'Total Denial' - a film screening on human rights and corporate accountability
'Tycoon - A New Russian'
'United in diversity': Italian constitutional traditions and European values in the protection of fundamental rights
'War Babies' - film screening
'Warlords' as the Personification of Disorder in Anglo-American Imperialism
'When Are You Coming Back?' - documentary film screening
'Women and Men Unglued'
'You Decide!' - Interactive theatrical presentation
(Alleged) fiduciary aspects of public law
(Free workshop) Canadian Culture At Work: Tips & Tools For The Newcomer
(Free workshop) Navigating Bureaucracy: Tax, Education, Medical And Professional Accreditation Systems In Quebec