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The Aga Khan Museum
The Anna I. McPherson Lectures in Physics: Jack Szostak, Nobel Prize in Medicine 2009: Department of Genetics Harvard Medical School, Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
The control of CNS gliogenesis in development and disease
The Genocide Convention and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Sixty-Five Years Later: What have we learned? What must we do?
The Ninth Annual Department of English Colloquium
The Olympics: an historical perspective
The Stones Tour
The tripartite synapse: Glial cells as determinants of synaptic properties
Therapy Dogs back at the Library
U-864’s Operation Caesar
Upcoming Seminar - Essential Management Skills
Water and Development
What do human infants expect when adults communicate to them?
What is the Granny Cloud?
"'The Salt in a Merchants Letter': Early Modern Information Networks and the Global Trade of Armenian Merchants from New Julfa." Lecture by Sebouh David Aslanian, Mellon post-doctoral fellow in world history at Cornell University
"42 Keys to the Second Exodus"
"A Bug's Life - The True Story"
"A Promise to the Dead: The Exile Journey of Ariel Dorfman" - a documentary film on the writer as refugee
"Academic Life: Finding Our Place" - 2013 DCL student retreat
"Adventures in The Free World" A talk by author and former McGill student David Bezmozgis
"Aging: Fact and Fancy" by Dr. Joe Schwarcz
"Art in Geneva" by Karine Tissot
"Avoiding dangerous climate change: Geo-engineering or mitigation?" The Lorne Trottier Public Science Symposium
"Bad Boys and Hipsters: Shakespeare's Iago and Rembrandt's Rembrandt"
"Beat the Rush" IDS Group Advising Session
"Black...like the face of your grandmother": Writing Arab/African American poetry
"Borders, Diseases, and the Tai Imaginary: The Rise of HIV/AIDS in Southwest China"
"Brains, Sex and Machine Learning" by Geoffrey Hinton (SOLD-OUT)
"Breaking the silence about child sexual abuse: How to promote safer places for our children", presented by Professor Delphine Collin-Vézina
"Bringing the hand to the target: multisensory integration for reach planning"
"Building, Crashing, Thinking" - Elizabeth McNab Lecture in the History of Science
"Can One Be a Citizen of a Neglected Disease?"
"Checkpoints, Curfew and Closure: The Realities of Occupation in the West Bank and Gaza"
"Chemicals in the Environment" presented by renowned expert Dr. Joe Schwarcz, Director, McGill Office for Science and Society Chemistry, McGill University
"Chest Air" by Ivan E Coyote
"Civil Law and its Codes: a Journey Across the Americas" A Final Report
"Demand Information and Spot Price Information: Supply Chains Trading in Spot Markets" - Xuan Zhao
"Design and Evaluation of Auditory and Haptic Cues for User Interfaces".
"Discover Mac" - Faculty Orientation for all new students in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Refer to...
"Discover Mac" - Faculty Orientation for all new students in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Refer to...