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A Brain-to-Society Approach to Childhood Obesity Prevention
A bridge, a buttress or a foundation? Anchoring the Ca channel at the transmitter release site
A brief history of time - Sunday afternoon science documentaries
A Brilliant Night - Fundraising Gala for Brain Tumour Research
A brush with life: Art of chimpanzees in sanctuary
A Cambrian conundrum: Ecology and development in the birth of animals
A Canada-Germany Summer Workshop: “Hands on sustainable urban mobility"
A Canadian Universities Alumni Reception
A captivating afternoon of polo with fellow alumni
A career in bioresource engineering
A categorical isomorphism theorem
A central limit theorem for an interacting particle system
A chat about the 'birds and the bees' as it relates to...birds! (SOLD OUT)
A coach-implemented team building intervention program for youth sport athletes
A cognitive neuropsychological perspective on the development of self-regulation of physical aggression and hyperactivity
A colonial school, a folkloric ballet, Jean-Paul Sartre and an African drum: Ingredients of a research project?
A commitment to excellence: David L. Johnston
A comparison of laboratory and field resistance to macrocyclic lactones in Haemonchus contortus
A composting system for urban waste
A concentration inequality and applications
A Concert in Honour of Wayne Riddell
A consensus chromosome origin of replication in alpha-proteobacteria
A conserved role for the cyclic nucleotide binding domain in ion channel biogenesis: Implication for disease
A Conversation With Aruna Jha, founder of the Asian American Suicide Prevention Initiative (AASPI)
A Conversation with Dennis Edney, lawyer for Omar Khadr
A conversation with Irwin Cotler - Human rights in the 21st century: The legacy of Raoul Wallenberg?
A conversation with Justice Juan Guzmán, Prosecutor of Augusto Pinochet
A conversation with Marie Hélène Cousineau
A Conversation with Principal and Vice-Chancellor Suzanne Fortier
A Conversation with Principal Heather Munroe-Blum
A cool story about Cdc42
A cosmopolitan law society: everything you’ve always wanted to know about the practice of arbitration
A critical role for actin-myosin-based contraction in adenovirus E4 or f4-mediated cell death
A critical role for the cytoplasmic tail of CD3epsilon in early T cell development
A cross-linguistic investigation of tone perception by infants: Evidence for perceptual reorganization
A cross-sectional study of risk factors for HIV amongst pregnant women in Guatemala City, Guatemala: Lessons for prevention.
A date with the literati
A Day in Wonderland
A day of workshops
A deeper look into metabolism: From cardiac energy to diabetes using mass spectrometry