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Women in Science - connections, innovations, inventions


17 Oct 2013
Price: FREE, Everyone welcome.

Vanier College Cegep celebrates Women in Science with presentations by seven McGill scientists about their work, their career path and what it means for women to do science today:










Yogita Chudasama (Neurobiology, McGill): Brain and Behaviour


Mariana Newkirk (Ass. Dean Research, Medicine, McGill): Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases


Emily Bamforth (Redpath Museum, McGill): Paleoecology and Paleobiodiversity


Audrey Moores (Chemistry, McGill): Nanoparticles and Catalysis for Green Chemistry


Alana Watt (Biology, McGill): Development and plasticity of neuronal circuits


Brigitte Vachon (Physics, McGill): Particle Physics


Roberta Palmour (Genetics, McGill): Human Genetics

Monica Nevins (Math and Statistics, U Ottawa)

Where: Vanier College /Cégep,  821 Sainte-Croix,  Montréal. 

8:30-10:00 session in Theatre B-325 and all other sessions in the Amphitheatre B-223.

Metro: Cote Vertu. Everyone Welcome. No reservation necessary.

Co-organized by Vanier College Biology and McGill Science Outreach. More information.

IMAGE: Professor C. Bodin, a new Lego figurine who specializes in "finding new and interesting ways to combine things together," according to Lego's biography for the figure. Additionally, she's won the "Nobrick Prize" and her research has helped other minifigures that have lost their legs attach other pieces that let them "swim like fish, slither like snakes, and stomp around like robots," Lego adds.
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