Time Forms: Temporalities of Aesthetic Experience 2013


Music buildings, PHI Centre & McGill University, CA, CA

No one is here to talk about time. The research-creation event Time Forms: The Temporalities of Aesthetic Experience 2013 is dedicated to the aesthetic experience of time.

Curated by Eric Lewis, Stephen McAdams and Alanna Thain

But instead of just lecturing about the temporalities of their respective art, each of the presenters at the event will offer a 'time form' to be shared and experienced by the audience.

Their various contributions ­ ranging from a concert-lecture by Roger Reynolds on the animation of time through musical material, movement workshops, lunchtime clubbing, dérives with a Dutch dance company, an acceleration run racing from artwork to artwork, real time app-based interactions with the Montreal Sound Map, a Time Lab where participants can pick up assignments to modulate their own bodily rhythms, and a live graphic score improvised throughout the event ­ will make the event itself a complex time form that allows for the audience's participation and experimentation.

The aim of this project, which brings together musicians, dancers, performance and new media artists, architects as well as curators, is to give creative impulses to our thinking about how time factors into our experience of art and the everyday. In the times of the 'creative economy', where 'affective labor' makes leisure time and work time increasingly indiscernible, such a project is bound to raise political questions of divergence and resistance. Time Forms will be held at McGill University and Centre PHI from September 18-21.

Registration is free and open to the public at http://timefor.ms/.